Hello Everybody! Welcome to The Savvy Student Spender


Hello everyone, I am Lauren Moore, and I am a junior at Point Park University in Pittsburgh. I am an Advertising and Public Relations and Mass Communication double-major. I take six classes and work 30-40 hours a week at a local restaurant. I live with a roommate in a one bedroom apartment about an hour away from campus – we split rent, utilities, and groceries.

Does this sound a lot like your life? As many college students know, past or present, college living can be tough sometimes. If you’re not lucky enough to have some magical secret money tree in the your back yard, then you know how it feels to have to stretch the couple of dollars that you do have to make a living.

With this blog, I hope to help other college students by giving tips on where you can cut a couple of dollars, where you can find coupons, and what the best deals are at the moment.

I mean, I know how much we all love Ramen noodles, but I’m sure we’d like to be able to afford not to eat them every night.


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