Men vs. Women


So, today I decided to interview a guy and a girl on their shopping, saving, and spending habits. It’s pretty interesting (and entertaining) the differences in how men and women spend their money. Also, I thought it was interesting to hear that Laura takes a more traditional route in finding savings via newspapers and inserts, where Ethan utilizes the internet to find his savings. I’m not surprised that Ethan spends most of his money on his car – you can’t come between a guy and his car. Thank you to my interviewees for tolerating me and helping me out by answering some questions. Savvy Spenders, feel free to share your shopping, saving, and spending habits with me! Check out the interview, here! There’s also some pretty catchy music within the interview, so you can dance a little bit. Happy Sunday!


Get Fit in Spring


Admittedly, I have fallen out of my fitness routine and indulged a bit over the holidays. So, here is a collection of info on getting back in shape and getting healthy with the warmer weather in our midst. Of course, I included some budget conscious ideas for all of you Savvy Savers out there – workouts at home, healthy food choices on a budget. You can check my Storify out, here!


Top Five Websites for Affordable College Fashion


Happy Spring, everybody! Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to pack away your heavy sweaters and coats and fill your closet with pastels, short-sleeves, and anything else that will put a spring in your step.

So, where should you start searching for new pieces for your closet on a college budget? According to Huff Post College, the top 5 websites for fashionable and affordable clothing on a college budget include Necessary Clothing at number five, 10 Dollar Mall at number four, Styles for Less at number three, Mod Deals comes in at number two, and at number one is the beloved Forever 21.

Necessary Clothing isn’t a store that I am familiar with, but after browsing their website, I think that’s it’s a site that I will definitely start using more. How did it make it so high on the list for affordable and fashionable college apparel? Could it be the great customer reviews? According to reviews on Yelp, Necessary Clothing is “Definitely a must in SoHo if you can’t afford designer clothes,” and “Trendy, cheap clothes. Can I get an amen?” Or is it the great prices that draw in customers?

daisy, tank top, spring

This cute Daisy Garden Tank would be a great staple to any Spring wardrobe, and it’s only $15.99.

skirt, coral, flare

This Rad Skater Skirt in Neon Coral would bring a great pop of color to your Spring wardrobe, and it’s only $15.99, too.

So, it’s a mix of great fashions at affordable prices and being backed by happy customers that brings Necessary Clothing to number five on the list.

10 Dollar Mall, coming in at number four, is fairly new to the fashion scene – the company just turned 3 on March 1st. According to an article by Yahoo Finance, “The company is young and will continue to thrive by giving online consumers quality products all under $10.” If the fact that everything is under $10 isn’t enough to draw in college students who are on a tight budget, then the trendy styles are. In the article from Yahoo Finance, they also talk about how quickly 10 Dollar Mall‘s presence is growing on social media – they have around 3000 followers on Instagram and around 1200 followers on Pinterest.

shorts, polka dots, cute

I think I am going to have to order these adorable Look Cool Feather Shortshow could I not when they’re only $9.99 and super cute.

spring, dress, flora

What’s Spring without a couple of beautiful dresses? I love the bright colors in this Wild Flowers Chiffon Dress, and it’s only $9.99.

Making the list at number three is Styles For Less. This is another site that I am not familiar with, but like Necessary Clothing, I plan to browse the site more and find some great items. According to the Huff Post College article, Style For Less isn’t a website that very many college students are familiar with, but should definitely look into, because they offer great deals on great fashions. Also, according to reviews from Glass Door, not only is the company known for their great deals and customer satisfaction, but they also keep their workers very happy. Happy workers and great deals, no wonder they’re number three.

aztec, blue, tank top

This flowy Aztec Stretch Knit Top from Styles For Less would be a bright piece to add to your wardrobe for only $14.99.

sandal, pink, spring

Add these playful Boho Vacation Thong Sandals to your shoe collection for only $14.99.

Close to the top at number two is ModDeals. In an article from Suzanne O’Connor’s BargainsLA, she talks about when she wants to find lower-end trendy clothes, she wants to find them for rock-bottom prices – and she says ModDeals offers just that. With closeouts from stores like Charlotte Russe at prices 50%-75% off the original price, you can’t go wrong. With prices so low, you can put together a whole outfit for around $30. While browsing their website, I was pleasantly surprised to find that none of their fashionable tops were over $15nothing on the site reached prices much higher than $15.

jean jacket, studs, spring

This stylish Blue Studded Denim Jacket would be great to throw over any look on colder Spring days, and you can add it to your closet for only $10.

maxi dress, chevron, grey

I love chevron and I love maxi dresses, because I am tall, so I immediately fell in love with this Gray All In The Mix Belted Maxi Dress, especially when the price is only $10.00.

Finally, coming in at number one, Forever 21 – one of my favorite stores. Forever 21 has been around for sometime now, and with great fashions and awesome prices to match, no wonder they’ve garnered the following that they have. According to an article by the Los Angeles Times, Forever 21 opened a new headquarters in LA a couple of years ago – LA is the manufacturing capital of the United States and full of fashion opportunities. By making this big move, and continuing to bring their happy customers the newest trends at affordable prices, Forever 21 has made its way into our hearts as the #1 website for fashionable and affordable clothing for college students.

leggings, floral, spring

These Garden Daze Leggings are in style and will add some flare to your wardrobe, and they’re only $10.80.

romper, spring, fun

I’m a fan of rompers, and this Crochet Trimmed Romper is flirty and the perfect color for Spring for $19.80.

Now that you know about all of these great sites to find deals on, go clean out your closet, donate what you don’t wear anymore, and revamp your wardrobe with some new pieces.

Happy Shopping!

Money Matters


college, savings, money

I liked this info graphic and how simple and forward it is. Here are a handful of helpful tips on how to pay for college and save some money.

Info graphic courtesy of Oh La La Ali, check out her blog!