Results of my Savvy Savers Survey


So the results are in! Unfortunately, not nearly as many people as I would have liked filled out my survey, but a big thank you to the ones who did, I really appreciate it! So, I made some charts to show my results – some stats on my followers and their coupon and spending habits.


Here’s some of the cities that my followers live in – now I know these aren’t all of them, but these are the people who answered. Most of my followers are from my home state of PA – the bigger the text, the more people that are from that city – and a lot of them are from Altoona, my hometown. Also, here’s an interactive map to show you the cities and their proximity to one another. I hope to add more followers and more cities to the map, soon!


Here’s a breakdown of the ages of my followers – looks like I reach out to not just college students, but people of different ages.


In fact, according to my survey, at the moment, I’m actually reaching out to more people who are not college students, which is great – this means my saving ideas can reach all kinds of different people.


Also, this chart showing the differences in household income solidifies that I can reach different kinds of people – it doesn’t matter how much money you make, everyone enjoys savings.


A majority of my savvy followers go shopping 2-3 times a month. More of them go shopping less than 3 times a month rather than more than 3 times a month.


This chart shows how often my followers use coupons. Unfortunately, I’d like to see ‘extremely often’ taking up more space, but that’s what I’m here for, to show my followers how they can get savings every time.


No big surprise here – people are more enticed to go shopping when they have coupons and are offered savings than not.


On an average basis, my followers save a moderate amount or less than that when saving. I hope that I can help them save more as I continue to build on my blog.


Most of my followers find their savings through email offers, in-store offers, newspaper inserts, and offers through the mail. Personally, I find most of my savings through email offers or through advertisements on the internet.


And the ballots are in and – drum rollTarget is my followers favorite store for savings. Some of the others stores that my followers like are Kohl’s, Sears, TJ Maxx, Rally Sport Direct, Victoria’s Secret, Charlotte Russe, and Martin’s.

I hope that my followers continue to give me feedback and suggestions so that I can gear my posts more towards what you all want. Thank you again to everyone that participated in my survey!


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