Computer Crashing


I’ve been having issues with my laptop running slow, and then it didn’t want to run certain programs, and then it didn’t want to do anything at all.¬†Does this sound familiar? Unfortunately, although I come from the age of technology, I have no clue how to fix my own computer when it starts acting up.

Simply trying to restart it a dozen times doesn’t usually fix the problem, sadly. Wouldn’t it be great if it was that easy? So, after debating throwing my laptop at the wall out of frustration, I decided I should probably reevaluate. My laptop holds my life – my blogs, my school work, all the pictures I’ve ever taken, etc.

I try to back my computer up regularly, in case it were to majorly crash at some point. Even though I had all of my files, I still had no clue where to start to make my laptop work better – or at all. I debated going to Geek Squad at Best Buy, but like most college students, I don’t have unlimited funds, and it probably would have cost more than I wanted to pay.

Here’s the great thing about living in the age of technology – you can find anything on the internet. It’s great; kind of scary at times, but great. Lucky for me, my boyfriend has his own desktop computer, so I was able to use that, with much, much help from him, to find out what was going on with my laptop. Turns out, it was pretty much screwed. I didn’t pay attention enough to realize that my anti-virus was out of date and I had some malware issues. It was a goner, or though I thought.

Across the span of a few days, and a lot of arguing and annoyance, we got my laptop up and working again. It’s actually working as well as it did when I first got it.

Moral of the story? You know it connects back to savings. If you’re comfortable trying to fix your computer yourself, go for it. It’ll save you a pretty penny and give you a sense of accomplishment. You can take that $300 you’d probably save by doing it yourself and spend it on important college items – you know, like ramen and sweatpants.



Top Five in the $5 Movie Bin


Have you ever dug through the $5 DVD bin at your local Walmart? You probably push through a bunch of movies that you’ve never heard of before, or movies that you’ve seen that left much to be desired BUT if you just keep digging, you can strike gold sometimes.

Now that I’ve had some free time (since we got all moved in and I’m off school until the end of August), I like to watch movies when I have the chance – and I don’t like to pay a lot to watch said movies.

Here’s a list of the top five titles I’ve come across in the $5 bin.

5: Cruel Intentions

Yes, this gem was in the $5 movie bin. I can’t help but love how delightfully twisted this movie is, and the ending gets me every time.

4: The Bourne Legacy 

I’ve enjoyed all of the Bourne movies up to this point, so I was a little surprised that the most recent Bourne movie was in the bin. Hey, I’m not complaining though.

3: 13 Going on 30

You’re lying to yourself if you say you don’t enjoy this movie. I love Jennifer Garner and how sweet and funny she is in this piece about finding yourself and the rush to grow up (and the hopes to be young again after growing up).

2: Snow White & The Huntsman

This was another movie I was a little surprised to find in the bin, but again, I’m not complaining. Although this movie didn’t get the best reviews, I enjoyed it. I mean, hello, look at the star studded cast.

1: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

I don’t care if I’ve already seen this movie ten times, I will watch it again, and again, and again. It’s humorous and sweet. The chemistry amongst the cast is undeniable.

After you find something decent to watch in the $5 bin, hop on over to the $1 candy bin, and find yourself a snack to munch on while you’re watching your movie.

What gems have you found in the $5 movie bin?


Fun, Affordable Hobby


I want to apologize for being M.I.A. lately; we just moved at the beginning of last week and I’ve just been settling in and getting back into the funk of my daily routine.

Now that I’m all settled in the new house – despite some little bumps in the road that come with moving – I wanted a hobby to fill a bit of my free time, on days that I don’t have work and have all of the housework done, all of the errands done, etc.

Sometimes hobbies can be costly, and I don’t have a whole lot of money to spare, like many other people my age. I wanted a hobby that would be fun, creative, and therapeutic. I chose crocheting.

My mother taught me how to crochet years ago, but I didn’t have the attention span at the time to sit down and actually complete something – like a scarf or a blanket.

Yesterday, I scoured the local Jo-Ann Fabrics for yarn and crochet hooks and was pleasantly surprised to find hooks and yarn both on sale at the time. I got three bundles of yarn and three crochet hooksI only spent $10.50.

I’m starting simple by doing a scarf – but there’s so many possibilities. Want to start crocheting? Here’s a great video to show you how.