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Upcoming Changes


The last couple of weeks have been hectic, and have gone by quick. I’m happy to announce that I’ve been offered an internship with TheCelebrityCafe.com for the fall semester!


With my classes, an internship, a practicum, and a job, I’m going to have a lot on my plate. For this reason, after much consideration, I am going to be combining my two blogs into one. I don’t have all of the kinks worked out yet, but I will be sure to let all of my followers know all the details once I have them fine-tuned! By combining my blogs, it’ll allow me to cover more topics and make it easier for me to manage my content and have time to post content for my followers. Thank you all for your support over the past couple of months! I hope you all continue to enjoy what I have to offer from my blog.

Back-To-School Savings


Ahhh, is anyone else wondering where the heck July went? How is it August already? And the back-to-school countdown begins (yikes!). However, with school right around the corner, all you savvy shoppers will be pleased with all the sales stores are offering.

My email has been flooded the last few days with sales and coupons for back-to-school deals. I, personally, much like many other students, need to stock up on notebooks, pencils, pens, note cards, Red Bull – you know, all the essentials to get you through those classes. Where to start?

Staples is my go-to place for school supplies, especially around this time of year. Their sales are amazing. Where else can you get note cards for $.48, a pack of five mechanical pencils for $1, or $100 off a laptop? Their notebooks and binders are also priced right for a college student paying for all of their own supplies.

Need some cute clothes for those days you actually feel like getting ready for class? Or maybe a pair of rain boots to navigate through a rainy city, like Pittsburgh (like me)?

Check out Kohl’s and Payless for awesome deals. Right now, I have a 25% off coupon for Payless (no exclusions) and a 20% off coupon for Kohl’s (includes all sales). New flats? Don’t mind if I do. A new bag to carry all of my books and supplies? Yes, please.

And let’s not forget some food to keep our stomachs full so our brains can stay focused on economics or some other subject just as riveting.

A lot of local grocery stores around me are running specials on items that would be good to toss in your backpack and eat between classes, like granola bars and bottled drinks.

Browse Groupon, too, if you get a chance! If you enter the town you’re in, it’ll bring up a lot of great offers on food places in the area to save you a few dollars.

School Supplies: Check. Cute Clothes and Accessories: Check. Food and Drinks: Check.

Now, get out there and get saving! And enjoy the remainder of your summer vacation!