Five Fall Essentials


I woke up today, and my house was freeezingg!! Brrr! It was suddenly fall, overnight. The chill in the air was in full swing. So, how do I keep warm but cute during the fall? Here’s a list of my five go-to items for a fashionable fall. da8990d4e97d295e5f0b022b5ab4785c

1: Over-sized Sweater

When I crawled out of bed today, my first thought was, “I am putting on one of my big, chunky, cozy sweaters.”


I have half a dozen sweaters in several fall hues. You can pair them with your favorite boyfriend jeans or a pair of leggings. It’ll keep you warm, be comfortable, and be cute.

2: Scarves

Scarves, scarves, and more scarves. You can never have enough. I probably have about 30 at this point..I just cant help myself.


Scarves can dress any outfit up in a snap. Throw it on with a hoodie, a button up, a tee-shirt, or even an over-sized sweater. They work with any outfit.

3: Knit Hat

A knit hat is functional and fashionable, not to mention a savior on a bad hair day!


It’ll keep your ears warm on chillier days, and it’ll take your outfit up a notch.

4: Boot Socks

Keep your toes warm with a pair of heavy knit boot socks.


Pair them with all of the above, or put on your favorite long-sleeve team tee on Sunday and make the look cozy with a pair of boot socks.

5: A Good Pair of Boots

Whether you fancy an edgier pair of combat boots or a sleek, knee-high leather pair (I have a pair of each), boots are perfect for any outfit during the fall.


You’ll be able to deal with the rain, the leaves, and dare I say it, potential snow in a great pair of boots.

These are my five go-to items for fall fashion. I have combined all five in one outfit or rocked each one in its own way in various outfits. One of your fall faves not on the list? Let me know what you love!


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