I’ve Missed this Place


I feel like I’ve left you all hanging for the past few months. Before I knew it, weeks had passed from my last posting, and I’ll admit that I was DROWNING this semester. The good news is that I’m done with the semester, and the even better news is that I actually have this thing called free time now that I don’t have piles of homework.

Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I love the holiday season. I was just home this past weekend for my family Christmas party, and I have a very large family. While I was perusing Pinterest in hopes of coming across a recipe for something simple that made a large batch, I came across Dunkaroo Dip.

Ah yes, childhood came rushing back to me, as I envisioned myself licking out the little plastic container that the Dunkaroo Dip came in, because I didn’t want to leave any of that splendid dip behind.


The recipe was surprisingly simple.

1 box of Funfetti Cake Mix

2 cups of Plain Yogurt

1/2 a container of Cool Whip

Three ingredients to make a delicious crowd favorite. It made a good amount of dip, and I paired it with Honey Teddy Grahams. I only took a little bit of dip home with me after the Christmas Party, and I saw people going back for seconds of it! Some people were even eating it without the Teddy Grahams.

I used Pillsbury cake mix, fat-free plain yogurt (the Wal-Mart brand), and Original Cool Whip.

If you want a quick snack to feed a crowd, go with this go-to Dunkaroo Dip!


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