Getting Down to Business


I’m in my last semester of college. I graduate in May? I GRADUATE IN MAY?! Unreal. These four years have gone by so fast. Are you sure I’m not still a freshman? It’s still a shock to me.

So, I’ve only got a few months before I jump from the nest and spread my wings, in hopes that I don’t land flat on my face in the real-working world. How do I prepare for this? What do I want to do with my future?

My teachers have been asking me for years now, “What do you want to do after you graduate?” My answer always is, “Be successful, be happy.” I know, that’s not the answer they were looking for. They are always looking for an exact career driven answer, like, “I want to be an astronaut!” or, “I want to be an art director at an ad and PR firm!”

To be honest, this question induces a bit of anxiety within me. Do I have to choose right now what I want to be for the rest of my life? Can’t I try out a few things before I set in stone what I want to be? The answer is you can do whatever is right for you. Don’t follow the common standards. Do what is best for you.

Regardless of what you want to be someday, there are a few things that I have come up with that I believe are common aspects of life and pointers to look into when it comes to getting a foot in the door for your future career.

1: Do your research

It’s as simple as that. Do your research on a job you might like and on a few companies who offer that job. See what’s in store for you in that position and who may be the best for you to work for. Look at the work they’ve done and what they’ve accomplished as a company. Is that something you want to be part of?

2: Where do you hope to live someday?

Do you have a set place you want to live someday? This can steer you in a different direction career wise. If you want to live in a country setting, you may have to get a more blue-colored job, unless you plan on commuting into a city setting. If you want to be a ski instructor, you may not be able to live in Florida.

3: Invest in a few key pieces of business attire

If you  have a nice pair of black pants and a nice blazer (or sport jacket if you’re a guy) then you can conquer any interview, having confidence that you’re outfit is professional. I think that a few solid business pieces in your closet can really help you. They don’t have to be expensive Armani business separates. You can pick up nice business attire for great prices at places like Ross Dress for Less and Kohl’s.

4: Do what’s best for you

In the end, no matter what career you choose, where you’re living, or what you’re wearing, you have to ultimately do what’s best for you. If you need to do a complete turn around at some point because what you’re doing isn’t right for you, then make it happen.

I am in the process of going over all of these steps right now with my own life, so I hope that they help you out, too. If you have any questions or advice, feel free to comment below!