Time to Stock up for Dorm Living


Today, my baby cousin graduates from high school. Three years ago around this time, I graduated from high school and started stocking up for my dorm room. I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship that covered a good amount of my dorm essentials – or what I thought was essential to my dorm room. I bought a lot of stuff that was unnecessary or cluttered my very small closet – ahem – I mean dorm room. So, save yourself the money and the headache of trying to fit everything in your tiny dorm room and follow these lists of dorm essentials and where to find them.

This list by Our Family World is spot on. It lists all of the must haves for a dorm room.

This list by Strong Like My Coffee has a lot of great ideas for food and ‘dorm kitchen’ essentials. It lists foods that are great to have on hand and healthy for you.

Just some personal advice from me:

1: Storage bins are great – great for packing and great for storage purposes – get the ones that are thin and can fit under your dorm bed but still hold a lot.

2: Get things that hang on your wall or door – avoid items that clutter up your desk or the tops of your dressers. Get hooks that hang over the door for some extra hanging space for clothes and art work that hangs on the wall to dress up your room.

3: Rugs, rugs, rugs – I don’t know about other colleges, but the floors at Point Park in the dorms were just kind of gross. During freshman year, my roommate and I both had rugs at our bedside. Not to mention, it adds a little bit of color to the room to add to your personal style.

Now, where to look for dorm essentials:

1: Ross Dress for Less – my personal favorite. You can find a lot of dorm essentials here, if not all of them. I picked up bedding for my dorm room for $20 and bath towels for a few dollars each.

2: Walmart – I got my mini-fridge, coffee maker, and eating tools at Walmart for great prices. After doing much research, they had the best prices on appliances for my dorm room.

3: Target – be cautious when going into Target, because they have a lot of adorable things that you could put in your dorm room and you will put it all in your shopping cart. But, once you gain some self-control, you can find some cute artwork and lamps for your dorm.

I hope this information helps! Happy Friday!